Datatopia 3.0 developed by Château Fort Fort agency is an art research project based on error and randomness.

The idea started by a random picture found on the web, and brought his creator to randomly realize 3 forms of creation: a nagging melody, a 3D maze and a tangible object.

Those creative steps set up a fourth form of creation: a virtual exhibition website about this project.




Showcase Datatopia video project (mp4 960*540px 3’’30)


An immersive, pronounced sound atmosphere was required.


Having a radical, pronounced and original UX design.

Strategic technology watch

01. audioarchitecture.com.au 02. byobmpls.net 03. pre.fonshickmann.com 04. nclud.com 05. tineguenther.com


The website is Datatopia 3.0 virtual exposition.

Navigation is linear —like in a museum. The only option is to move forward by one step. There is no way to go back.

As a pro, this navigation tells a story and controls the narrative from start to end; the visitor can focus on the story he is told.

As a con, this navigation constrains the visitor, preventing him from creating his own path.


Like in a museum, the tour is animated by two speakers. Each one explain what Datatopia 3.0 is and how it has been accomplished.

The experience is both visual and auditive.